Economy - Summary

Agri-Food Policy, Development and Trade

Goal: To progress, in collaboration with State Bodies, the further development of the agri-food sector including the Food Harvest 2020 targets

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. Value of goods output by agricultural sector (€m)
  2. Value added of agriculture, forestry, fishing, food & beverages (including tobacco) (€m)
  3. Value of food and drink exports (€m)
  4. Progress on Food Harvest 2020 (FH2020) Targets - Primary Agricultural Output (€m)

Goal: Foster and embed a world class innovation system that underpins enterprise development and drives commercialisation of research to build national competitive advantage across the economy to make Ireland the best small country to do business in by 2016.

  1. Value of gross expenditure by all sectors on research & development (€m)
  2. Number of Enterprise Ireland client companies engaged in R&D projects of more than €100,000
  3. Number of patents filed arising from the commercialisation of publically funded research
  4. Employment - Numbers employed in High-Tech manufacturing sectors
  5. High-Tech manufacturing exports as % of total exports
  6. Ireland's ranking in the Global Innovation Index (1= top ranking)
Jobs and Enterprise Development

Goal: Maximise job creation across the enterprise base to make Ireland the best small country to do business in by 2016

  1. Number of people employed in agency assisted companies
  2. Value of Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland (€bn)
  3. Value of Exports (€m)
  4. International rankings- Ireland's ranking in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business report (1= top ranking)
  5. % of adult population that are early stage entrepreneurs
Promote Ireland’s Economic and Trade Interests in Europe and Internationally

Goal: Promote Ireland’s economic interest in Europe and internationally

  1. Export of goods and services (€m)
  2. Number of overseas visitors (millions)

Goal: Ensure that the business regulatory system and dispute resolution mechanisms facilitate fair, efficient and competitive markets, for businesses, employees and consumers to make Ireland the best small Country to do business in by 2016.

  1. Total number of days lost due to industrial disputes
  2. Cumulative % change in administrative costs for business in the areas of regulation each year
  3. Companies Registation Office - % of companies up to date with annual return requirement
  4. Number of workplace fatalities being reported to the Health and Safety Authority
Tourism Services

Goal: To support the Tourism Industry in increasing revenue and employment through enhancing competitiveness and sustainability

  1. % of Overseas Holidaymakers who would "definitely" recommend Ireland as a holiday destination
  2. Total expenditure in Ireland by all visitors (€m)
  3. Number of Overseas Visits to Ireland (000s)
  4. Total domestic tourism and travel earnings (€m)
  5. Number of Domestic Trips within Ireland (000s)
  6. Persons Employed in Accommodation and Food Services in Quarter 3 (€000)