Education - Summary

Arts, Culture and Film

Goal: To promote and develop Ireland’s world-class artistic and creative strengths at home and abroad, maximising their societal, economic and reputational value for the country

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. Number of Visitors to Cultural Institutions
  2. Number of artists/companies supported by the Culture Ireland Division through its grants programme
  3. Number of film and television projects supported through Section 481
  4. Number of cultural infrastructure and development projects supported
  5. % of Adult population participating in Arts/Culture
Education - Capital Services

Goal: Plan and provide appropriate infrastructure for learning environments

  1. Number of rented prefabs
  2. Total number of large scale projects substantially completed
  3. Total number of devolved projects providing either additional accommodation or upgrading/maintaining facilities
First, second and early years education

Goal: Provide a quality inclusive school and early year’s education system, with improved learning outcomes.

  1. Total Numbers of Students in First and Second Level Education
  2. Leaving Certificate Retention Rate for all Schools (%)
  3. % of students taking higher mathematics examination in the Leaving Certificate
  4. Reading Literacy - % 15 year old students performing at or above Level 4 in PISA
  5. Daily aggregate schools network traffic (mbits/s)

Goal: To conserve and manage our unique heritage for the benefit of present and future generations, as a support to economic renewal and sustainable employment, and in

  1. Number of structures and monuments protected/assisted through grants and other interventions
  2. Number of Ministerial recommendations for protection of structures
  3. Number of Visitor Services Open to the Public
Higher Education

Goal: Provide high quality learning, research and innovation opportunities in the higher education sector

  1. In employment in Ireland - first destination of Graduates Level 8 Undergraduate Honours Bachelor Degree (%)
  2. Total number of PhD awards made
  3. Total number of enrolled undergraduate and post-graduate students
  4. Employer and Manager Socio-Economic Grouping - % of participants in higher education from this SEG
  5. Number of students supported under Disabilities Fund
Irish language, Gaeltacht and islands

Goal: To support the Irish language, to strengthen its use as the principal community language in the Gaeltacht and to assist the sustainable development of island communities

  1. Number of jobs created in the Gaeltacht by Údarás na Gaeltachta
  2. Number of people using subsidised travel services to the inhabited offshore islands
National Gallery

Goal: To care for, interpret, develop and showcase art in a way that makes the National Gallery of Ireland an exciting place to visit.

  1. Number of visitors to the Gallery
  2. Number of works of art open to public viewing
Skills Development

Goal: Provide opportunities for Up-skilling and Re-skilling that meet the needs of individuals and the labour market.

  1. % of labour force with qualifications at Levels 4-6 on the National Framework of Qualifications
  2. Number of people undertaking FAS training courses
  3. Number of Post Leaving Certificate Students