Environment - Summary

Environment and Waste Management

Goal: To promote the protection of the environment and human health, and contribute to the development of a green economy and the global effort against climate change, both directly and through ensuring the continued integration of environmental and wider sustainable development considerations into economic and sectoral policies

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. Number of open EU infringement cases – end December.
  2. Net greenhouse gas emissions in Mt CO2e
  3. Recovery rate for municipal waste (%)
Inland Fisheries

Goal: To manage our inland fisheries in a sustainable and productive manner

  1. Total length of rivers / streams rehabilitated (metres)
  2. Total angling and commercial salmon catch
  3. Total angling salmon caught and released
  4. Total number of Environmental inspections
Met Eireann

Goal: Effective monitoring, analysis and prediction of Ireland's weather and climate, and provision of a range of high quality meteorological services to customers

  1. Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts - Weather accuracy
  2. Accuracy of HIRLAM Numerical Weather Prediction model - 24 hour forecast
Natural Resources

Goal: To manage our mineral, hydrocarbon and other geological resources in a sustainable and productive manner

  1. Gross value of metal production (Lead & Zinc) (€m)
  2. Revenue earned by the State from Petroleum Authorisations (€m)
Rural Economy, Environment and Structural Changes

Goal: To promote environmentally sustainable farming and fishing while supporting the rural and coastal economy

  1. Average family farm income (€)
  2. Economic viability of farms (%)
  3. Number employed in agri-food, forestry and fishing (000s) Q4
  4. Agricultural related Greenhouse Gas emissions (mt CO2 equivalent)
  5. Total area of organic farming (ha)
  6. Total value of fisheries landings to Irish ports (€000)