Infrastructure - Summary


Goal: To promote a vibrant broadcasting sector, the provision of value for money and high quality output by the State Broadcasting Companies, a strong high quality private broadcasting sector, development of media policy generally and to ensure that an appropriate regulatory framework is in place to achieve this.

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. Number of TV Licences sold from direct sales
Civil Aviation

Goal: To ensure the aviation sector supports Ireland’s economic and social goals in a safe, competitive, cost-effective and sustainable manner and to ensure maximum connectivity for Ireland with the rest of the world

  1. Ireland's En Route charge per service unit (€)
  2. Number of accidents Irish registered Aircraft have been involved in
  3. State Airports - Total Passenger Numbers (million)
  4. Regional Airports - Total Passenger Numbers (million)

Goal: Contribute to sustainable economic growth, jobs, competitiveness and social inclusion by: facilitating and promoting timely investment in Next Generation Networks; enhanced internet engagement by citizens and business; and supporting job creation, business development and innovation, especially in the digital media sector

  1. Number of Post-Primary Schools provided with 100Mbps Broadband
  2. Broadband penetration rate (%)
  3. Broadband penetration rate among enterprises (%)
  4. An Post - Anywhere to Anywhere - National Next Day (%)

Goal: To ensure security, continuity and competitiveness of energy supply for the economy and for consumers, and to promote the sustainability of energy supply and demand

  1. Numbers of gas related safety incidents
  2. Energy savings achieved through the delivery of the Better Energy Programme (Gwh)
  3. % of electricity generated from renewable sources
Flood Risk Management

Goal: To advise the Government in relation to policy development and legislative requirements for flood risk management; to develop, coordinate and implement programmes and measures to reduce the national level of flood risk to people, businesses, infrastructure and the environment; to develop flood risk management responses in line with international best practice.

  1. Number of Additional Properties benefiting from flood relief works
  2. Number of Hectares benefiting from Arterial Drainage schemes

Goal: To enable all households access good quality housing appropriate to household circumstances and in their particular community of choice

  1. Construction & Acquisition (including voluntary housing programmes and other social housing supports (house improvements/extensions) - Number of households whose housing needs are met by
  2. Number sleeping rough in the greater Dublin area.
  3. Total number of people on the housing list
Land Transport

Goal: To provide for the maintenance and upgrade of the transport network and ensure the delivery of public transport services with particular regard to competitiveness, social needs, sustainability and safety objecives.

  1. Number of road fatalities
  2. Number of road collisions
  3. Mean alcohol level in blood (mg/100ml)
  4. Total number of public transport passengers (millions)
  5. Greenhouse Gas emissions from the transport sector (mt CO2 equivalents)
Maritime Transport and Safety

Goal: To ensure the safety and competitiveness of maritime transport services, the protection of the marine environment and the provision of an effective emergency response service

  1. Number of harbours operating under Harbour Act 1946
  2. Number of persons saved or assisted by the Irish Coast Guard

Goal: To provide an enhanced policy and legislative framework to promote sustainable economic growth and balanced regional development, in compliance with a strong planning code

  1. Total number of cases on hand at year-end
  2. Number of normal planning appeal cases on hand at year-end
  3. Number of strategic development infrastructure cases (from Local Authorities and others) on hand at year-end
Water Services

Goal: To protect and improve water resources and water dependent ecosystems; to provide water services infrastructure to support sustainable growth and environmental protection, to introduce new governance and pricing arrangements for the delivery and management of water services; and to ensure the appropriate regulation of the water sector

  1. % drinking water compliance with standards.
  2. EU Urban Waste Water Directive - % waste water treatment provision for agglomerations over 500 treated to secondary treatment level or higher.
  3. National mean for unaccounted water in public supplies (%)