General Public Service - Summary

Agriculture - Direct payments

Goal: To provide effective and responsive delivery of schemes and service in support of farm incomes and market supports

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. Level of direct payments under Single Payment Scheme (€m)
  2. Average Family Farm Income in Disadvantaged Areas (€)
  3. Percentage of Direct Payments made within customer determined performance targets
Chief State Solicitor's Office - Provision of Legal Services

Goal: To deliver a high quality specialist solicitor service to the Attorney General, the Departments and Offices, in the areas of litigation, provision of legal advice, and in property and transactional matters, and assistance in the negotiation of complex business contracts

  1. Legal Costs Recovered (€m)
Comptroller & Auditor General - Audit & Reporting

Goal: To carry out high quality audits efficiently, in a timely manner, and in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, to produce reports that facilitate scrutiny of audited bodies by the Oireachtas and which contribute to better public administration

  1. Percentage of accounts certified
  2. Number of accounts in arrears at end of year
  3. Number of opportunities for improved performance identified in reports
Consular Passport and Irish Abroad Services

Goal: Provide Consular and Passport Services to Irish citizens and engage with Irish communities abroad

  1. Number of passports issued
  2. Value of funding disbursed under Emigrant Support Programme (€m)
Estate Portfolio Management

Goal: To provide a shared service in the area of property management and property maintenance incorporating architectural, engineering, valuation, quantity surveying, project management and facilities management

  1. Annual Rental Outturn (€m)
  2. Major Building Projects in planning, under construction or nearing completion (>€0.5m)
  3. Number of Visitors at staffed Heritage sites
International Peace, Security and Human Rights

Goal: International Peace, Security and Human Rights

  1. Number of States adhering to the Convention on Cluster munitions
Local Government

Goal: To shape, develop and support local government to represent and serve communities effectively and efficiently. In the Franchise area, to develop policy, legislation and systems as key elements of electoral reform.

  1. Local Authority surplus/(deficit) (€m)
  2. Fire brigades - Median % of incidents in which first attendance is at scene within 10 minutes
  3. Median % of empty dwellings available for letting
  4. Median % of areas within the local authority area that are litter free
North-South Co-Operation

Goal: To maintain, develop and foster North-South co-operation

  1. An Foras Teanga - Number of organisations & festivals supported by Foras na Gaeilge and the Ulster-Scots Agency
  2. Waterways Ireland - % of waterways network navigable during the boating season April to October
Office of the Attorney General - Legal Services to Government

Goal: To provide the highest standard of professional legal services to Government, Departments and Offices as economically and efficiently as possible

Property Registration Authority

Goal: Manage and control the Land Registry and the Registry of Deeds and to promote and extend the registration of ownership of land

  1. Total number of titles registered on the Land Register
  2. Number of registrations submitted and completed on a fully electronic basis
Provision of State Valuation Service

Goal: To provide high-quality sustainable valuations for our customers on time and within allocated resources

  1. Percentage of National Revaluation completed
  2. Percentage of received Revision applications completed
  3. Annual Cost Recovery
Public Appointments Service - Civil & Public Servants Redeployment & Recruitment

Goal: To source the highest quality candidates for positions in the civil and public service and to facilitate the movements of public servants

Reconciliation and Co-operation on this Island

Goal: Advance reconciliation and co-operation on this island

  1. Total value of cross-border trade (manufacturing) (€m)
  2. Total number of cross-border visitor numbers (millions)
State Laboratory

Goal: To provide an accredited, high quality laboratroy and advisory service to Government Departments and Offices that supports their policies, regulatory programmes and strategic objectives particularly in the areas of agriculture and food, Revenue collection, environment and public health protection and to provide a toxicology service to assist Coroner investigations.

Administration services for the Valuation Tribunal

Goal: Provision of administration services to facilitate the efficient and effective operation of the Valuation Tribunal within its statutory remit

  1. Number of Appeals to the Tribunal in each year