Social Protection - Summary

Social Protection

Goal: Place the client at the centre of all the Department’s activities by providing targeted income support, training referral and employment services as required, based on individual needs and circumstances, and attain better outcomes in tackling poverty.

  1. Performance
  2. Improving
  3. Maintaining
  4. Worsening
  1. % of population at risk of poverty post social transfers
  2. Annual Standardised Unemployment Rate
  3. Total Number of Active Members of Pension Scheme
Community and Rural Development

Goal: To facilitate integrated development at local level and foster vibrant, sustainable and inclusive communities; to support the Community and Voluntary Sector in its contribution

  1. Number of individuals who progressed into employment or self-employment as a result of Local Community Development Programme interventions
  2. Number of long-term unemployed individuals who take up employment following intervention through Local Community Development Programme within 6 months of programme completion.
  3. Total number of fatalities from drownings